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  1. River Brora

    River Brora yesterday. We've had some pretty good weather this year.
  2. The Adventures of Mr Guts

    Do you think it's safe to nip down there and nick some of Mr Gutses grub???
  3. Red flowers

    Life is amazing.
  4. Cairn of Elsay

    Cairn of Elsay enriches my brochs library. More info here, photos here.
  5. Amber Life

    Here it is, my latest video! Featuring my seals images, it's set to my latest song demo, Amber Life.
  6. Lochinver and Suilven

    I'm considering going purely black and white for landscapes.
  7. Here’s an excerpt from my book, Walking by the Spirit. There is much more to this than we have time to get into right now so I’m just going to touch on the highlights. The woman refers to the constellation Virgo, so this particular astronomical event appeared in Virgo. Clothed with the sun simply means that the sun was in the constellation of Virgo. The sun goes through all twelve constellations once per year, so it is only in Virgo for approximately one month every year. And guess what? It isn’t december! You can’t see stars when the sun has risen, so stars are only visible together with the sun for a very short period of time, either early in the morning at dawn, or late in the evening at dusk. This event would only have been visible at either daybreak or nightfall, and it occurred during the time the sun was in Virgo in 3 BC. Revelation also gives us further information. It tells us that the moon was visible under her feet. This phenomenon of the sun being visible in the stars of Virgo with the moon under her feet only occurred once in 3 BC in Palestine. Using astronomical data we can narrow down the time of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ to September 11th 3BC, between sunset at 6.18 pm and moonset at 7.39 pm Palestine time. Jesus Christ was born between 6.18 PM and 7.39 PM on September 11th 3BC.
  8. Ben Bhraggie virtual walk

    Big announcement time - today I climbed my first hill in a long long time :DYep, I got to the summit of Ben Bhraggie. I can climb hills again! How cool is that? If you'd like to share the adventure, here are a few photos from today. These are not professional photos, just fun jpgs using a camera setting I've never used before.
  9. Big Burn

    Who says you can't be creative with a camera? This is the Big Burn, Golspie, straight out of the camera, no Photoshopping whatsoever. This is a 'pure' photo, as the "pure photo brigade" would say lol. George's definition of the Pure Photo Brigade - someone who doesn't know how to use Photoshop.
  10. Roe deer

    Morning! Well, lunch timey!
  11. Grey seal

    'Ullo, were you watching me having a wee stretch???
  12. Roe deer

    Met a roe deer stag yesterday while out walking. What a moment. Isn't he something!
  13. Morning!

    Turned colder today, a little hint that summer is now autumn and the year marches on. The Brora seals don’t seem to mind though. They’re along the back shore about half a mile from the Radio Station if anyone wants to visit them. Would be happy to show you, if you’re up this way. This is a common seal pup (harbour seal). The greys will be off to their rookeries beginning of November.
  14. Morning!

    Morning from the Brora seals, it's a beautiful day here.
  15. Grey seal

    Nothing like a good stretch after a wee snooze.